Apple Services

As Apple Solution Experts we love and understand all things Apple. Whether you are running an iPhone or an OS X Server, or anything in between, we can make everything work smoothly.

We can configure Mac operating systems from Tiger (10.4) to El Capitan (10.11), all Mac hardware including MacBook, Mac Mini and Mac Pro, and all the bundled software such as Mail and Safari. If you have an iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone, we can make sure that talks to your other equipment to share data, address books or diaries. Anything from the original iPad running iOS5 through to the iPhone 6S running iOS9 can be configured to run perfectly.

PC Services

Just because we love Apple, doesn't mean we don't like Windows and Linux systems.

Windows 10 can be confusing for users used to older versions, and we can set it up for your family or business to get the best out of it. If you are still running one of the older versions, we can help you keep it going with security and update advice.

Linux, Unix and Ubuntu users tend to have fewer issues, but if such issues arise, our understanding of how all systems can work together will make sure a solution can be found.

Mobile Services

As well as iPhones and iPads, we are very familiar with both Windows Mobile and Android platforms. If you want your phone to share data with your tablet, or your desktop or laptop, we can make sure you never miss an appointment (either professional or personal).

As Android is modified by more manufacturers, some of the "standard" features have become less so, and the confusion this causes can make things difficult to configure. Rest assured that, whatever the issue, we have seen it before and can make everything work together.

Network Services

Home Networking used to be a couple of wires and maybe a shared printer. Now, your Router – whether from BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin, EE or any other provider – can serve your TVs, phones, tablets, computers and even your domestic appliances. Setting all that up to ensure you and your family can get what they need, and not get what they shouldn't, can be daunting. Why not just tell us what you want and let us sort it out for you?

If you're in business, wired networking can be expensive and difficult to design. Our vast experience will make sure you don't make costly mistakes.


Training Services

We offer training in both business and domestic environments, from how to use a Web Browser to high-end software packages by Adobe, Quark, Microsoft and Apple.

Our courses are customised to your needs and focus on what YOU want to achieve. Anything from a short introductory session to full training for a "power user" will ensure you, your family or your staff make the best of the equipment and software that they have.

Web Services

As well as web design, using the latest HTML5 techniques, we can organise copy-writing, domain registration, hosting, email and search engine optimisation. If you don't understand what that stuff all means, that doesn't matter – that's why we're here.

We can take a concept you have for your business or personal website and give you a full package in one place that you don't have to worry about. Simple brochure sites are surprisingly affordable, and an effective web presence is a must for all small businesses.

Programming Services

Having started out well over 30 years ago as a programmer, Mark is able to offer bespoke solutions to both personal and professional data issues. Custom scripts, using AppleScript and JavaScript will allow tedious manual operations to be automated.

Whether it is a back-up solution that runs every day, or a one-off process to convert data from one medium to another (we have recently finished a project to correct automatically thousands of catalogue pages with errors on them), we can give you a slick, seamless, professional software solution that allows you to get on with something else.

Publishing Services

Mark Edwards IT Solutions started life as a provider to the print and publishing industries. We are still proud of our roots and offer many high end professional services, including font creation and manipulation, template production, colour profiling, proofreading and copy editing,

We also give advice and opinion on disputes, technical problems and workflow solutions for both digital and lithographic printing as well as all aspects of print-based design.