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A World of Information

(about MEPPC)

MEPPC was established in 1999 as "Mark Edwards Print & Publishing Consultancy", but much like B&Q or ICI, the origins of the name have been rendered less and less relevant as we, and the world around us, have evolved and developed.

Mark's knowledge of print and design technology, gained through more than 30 years in the industry, gives him a unique insight into how systems can and should work. He started work as a junior programmer with a large typesetting and printing company, and at the age of 21 wrote the software that enabled the printing and publishing of the 20 volume Oxford English Dictionary. More recently his expertise has been used to design, commission and run busy studios in both the print and design industries.

With the advent of the Internet (yes, there was a time when it didn't exist...) MEPPC has increased its portfolio of services to cover all aspects of software, hardware and data from the smallest mobile phone to the largest server.

Mark has frequently been described as "a commercially aware techie" – making financial as well as procedural decisions about a project's viability – and at MEPPC we understand the importance of making what you have work well. We do not sell or promote any particular hardware or software, which means we will always offer honest, simple, straightforward advice and training to allow you to get the best from what you have.

If you do need to upgrade, replace or modify, our independence makes us an ideal partner and resource who can ensure that – as far as possible – your equipment, both personal and professional, does what you want and need.

Mark has travelled all over the world, presenting seminars and training courses as far away as China and the United States, as well as many European countries. We at MEPPC are certain that our experience and skills will very quickly make you wonder how you ever managed without us!


Mark Edwards MEPPCMark in chilled out mode
Oxford English DictionaryThe 2nd edition of the OED was published in 1989
China SeminarTraining Seminar in China
MEPPC Business CardMark's original business card (circa 1999)
Graph Expo Chicago USAMEPPC has run demonstrations at Graph Expo in Chicago